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Culture Clash - Responding Biblically to Contemporary Issues

 Culture Clash is an opportunity for us to take a look at cultural issues and how they differ from what Scripture teaches.


Topics are directed towards issues that affect all of us from teenagers to adults. We encourage parents and others from the church to join us, as these issues certainly do not affect our youth exclusively. We aim to host a Culture Clash event approximately once per quarter, so please plan to join us for these events!

Previous topics have included:

  • "Why Should I Listen to You?" The Issue of Responding to Authority in our Lives

  • "Who's life is it anyway?", exploring the importance of human life, God's authority over life, and the value He places on all those he has created.

  • Human sexuality as defined in the Bible and perceived by our culture today.

  • The biblical view of relating to others as people who are made in the image of God, as well as how to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.









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