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Servant Leadership Institute

One of the main responsibilities of those in church leadership is to equip others to serve the Lord by providing opportunities for them to grow in and develop their God-given gifts and abilities. While it might be easier if that growth just “happened”, more often it requires commitment and intentionality on part of the leadership and those  aspiring to it.


As we seek to enhance our approach to leadership development in the church, we are excited to launch Servant Leadership Institute (SLI), a monthly training course designed for current and up-and-coming leaders. Open to men and women in the church, these interactive sessions will be held the last Wednesday of each month during our Faith Family Night time so all can attend. If God has led you to consider possible leadership in a LifeGroup, children and youth education, worship, men’s and women’s ministry, eldership, or other areas of ministry, we strongly encourage you to participate in SLI and see where God might use it in your life and the life of the church.


If you have questions about SLI, contact the church office. Hope to see many of you there this month!


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