VBS 2021 - Mystery Island!

June 21-25

VBS will be held June 21st-25th daily from 9:00am-12:15pm. This is open to children 4 years old (turning 4 by Sept. 1st, 2021) through 7th grade (for Fall 2021 school year).

Grab your compass and flip-flops!




On Mystery Island, we will track down the one true God who is revealed in the Bible. We'll discover that God is great, almighty, the ruler of all, Emmanuel, and worthy of our complete trust. Put on your sunscreen and fill your beach bag as you prepare to discover who our amazing Creator is and the salvation He offers through Jesus!


Exciting stations at VBS include: KidVid Cinema, where kids will explore the Bible in a variety of interactive ways, Ride the Tide Games, where kids have time to learn through play, Deep Sea Crafts, where kids can explore deep truths through art and design, and the Watering Hole, where kids go deep into God's Word! Join us for a week of fun as we learn that the greatest treasure is a deep, abiding love for the Creator that comes from knowing Jesus!

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