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Children's Ministries

Our children and youth ministries exist to partner with parents in providing children a solid biblical foundation so they can grow in their knowledge and love for God. The ultimate goal for these ministries is to bring glory to God by equipping children to be godly men and women. If you have any questions about our Children's Ministries please contact the church office.


Sunday Morning Worship

(Launchpad, Blast & Zone)

Preschool age children through sixth graders enjoy a time of discovery during the Worship Service as they learn the basics of Scripture and the Christian Faith through interactive and engaging lessons as well as how to interact with God in their daily lives and apply Scriptural principles to life's challenges.


Wednesday Evening- Faith Family Night

All of our Faith Family Night classes for children will center on the Word of God with in-depth and interactive lessons designed specifically for each age group.




The foundations of our youngest students’ (Age 2-Pre-K) faith are built using music, activities and exciting teaching time to show children that Jesus is our Creator and Savior.



Our Blast class (K-2nd Grade) goes beyond the foundations set in Launchpad to improve our children’s understanding of the Gospel.



Boys and girls in grades 3-6 are challenged to know the truth of God's Word and apply it as they grow into young adulthood.

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