Monday Late Game Night Schedule

Join us for our FINAL GAME NIGHT! This exciting event will include official player introductions, extended game action and more! You and your family are welcome to enjoy all of the evening's festivities, but due to limited capacity in the gym, we ask that you give preferential seating to those with children playing at the present time. 

To help things run smoothly, please have younger players (4-year-olds through 2nd grade) here promptly at 6:15 and older players (3rd-6th grade) here by 7:00. They will need some time to meet with their coaches and get ready for their introductions. You won't want to miss it!

Game times are as follows: 

6:20-6:40 GAME 1 (Yellow Swarm vs. Purple Crush)

6:45-7:05 GAME 2 (Red Rumble vs. Blue Crew)

7:15-7:35 GAME 3 (Orange Blast vs. Green Machine)

7:40-8:00 GAME 4 (Black Ice vs. Silver Shock)