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                       Messianic Seder Meal
                                                 Friday, March 30 at 6:00 PM, Lake Ave. Dining Hall

                                                          Join us as we celebrate the redemption offered through Jesus Christ,
                                                            our true Passover Lamb, as we join together to partake in a Messianic Seder Meal!


For centuries, the Jewish people have celebrated God’s deliverance of His people from Egypt in the Passover Seder. God designed the remembrance of Passover to be something that involves all of the senses and teaches about the deliverance God brings. The Seder meal is a worship-filled, interactive celebration, filled with a message that clearly points to Jesus Christ, the Passover Lamb, sacrificed for us. We are blessed this year to be led in our dinner by Stewart Weinisch, a missionary from "Jews for Jesus."


The Seder meal replaces our usual Faith Family Night. Based on the nature of the event, it’s necessary that you sign up ahead of time if you plan to attend. You may wish to invite other family members and friends to attend; please simply share their names on the sign-up sheet. Please also be aware that this service may run for about three hours and the nature of the service is solemn; therefore, it may not be appropriate for small children. Please use discretion in deciding if your child should attend. There will be no childcare available.


** You must sign up to attend.
Please call the office at 570-278-4500,
or sign up at the Welcome Center. **



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